Application Information

SCHAP is not currently accepting applications

Please take a look at the requirements below to evaluate your initial eligibility to apply for our Senior Citizen Home Assistance Program (SCHAP).

Requirements to be Eligible for a Loan through SCHAP

  • The applicant must be at least 60 years old.
  • The applicant must be an owner-occupant of a building with no more than four units. (This program does not provide funds to repair recently purchased homes. Therefore, a minimum two (2) year period as owner/occupant is required.)
  • Income cannot exceed 120% of the area median income. In 2018, the limits are: $87,720 for a one-person household, $100,200 for a two-person household, and $112,680 three-person household. Income adjustments are made for larger households.

Required Documents

  1. Photo ID for applicant as well as anyone listed on the deed, and anyone a part of your household including spouse and children.
  2. Copy of Deed (Staten Island only). If another name in addition to the senior’s appears on the deed, that person must sign loan documents. If one of the parties is deceased, a copy of the death certificate is required.
  3. Current Mortgage Statement(s). Copies of any Mortgages(s) and/or Satisfaction(s) of Mortgage(s). Mortgage status information (current) must be obtained for all recorded mortgages. The senior must sign one Mortgage Information Release Form (attached at back of application) for each mortgage.
  4. Home Owners Insurance Declarations Page (a property must have liability and property insurance).
  5. Credit Check or Money Order for $6.45 (add additional $6.45 per person on deed).

Proof of Income

Proof of current personal and rental income for all members of the household must be submitted (e.g., W2 forms, tax returns, Pension or Social Security award letters).

  1. Social Security (SS) Award Letter
  2. Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Award Letter
  3. Pension/Annuity Award Letter
  4. Employment: Last four (4) pay-stubs for each employed household member
  5. Rental – Copies of Leases or rent receipts must be submitted
  6. Income Tax for most recent two (2) consecutive years
  7. Bank Statement for Checking & Savings Account

Utility Bills

  1. Real Estate Tax (If you are have an Agreement, include that as well) – TPF can obtain online
  2. Water & Sewer – Account Number (If you have an Agreement, include that as well)
  3. Heating Fuel (Oil or Gas if applicable) – 12 Month Billing Statement
  4. Con Ed – 12 Month Billing Statement and Account Number
  5. National Grid - 12 Month Billing Statement and Account Number


SCHAP staff interview applicants and review their documentation to determine eligibility. If an applicant meets all requirements, the field inspector will inspect the senior’s home to determine what home repair/improvement work is necessary. He will then prepare a Scope of Work, which is sent to the borrower, who in turn will present it to licensed contractors for free written estimates. A minimum of three estimates is required. After a contractor is chosen and all documentation is in place, the loan is closed and mortgages are filed. The contractor then carries out all home repairs. The SCHAP staff visit the site several times before and during construction. If the repairs meet approval, final payment is authorized.

More Information

To receive an application, please fill out the following Intake Form online or download and send it to us by email ([email protected]) or fax (212) 431-9783. A SCHAP staff member will call you to let you know if you meet the initial requirements of the program and when an application will be sent to you.

*When filling out the Intake Form (PDF), please do not complete the highlighted grey areas.

You can also call the number listed below to have an Intake done over the phone and an application sent to you should you meet the initial requirements:

The Parodneck Foundation

(212) 431-9204
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