Senior Citizen Homeowner Assistance Program(SCHAP) New York City

What is SCHAP?

The Parodneck Foundation’s Senior Citizen Homeowner Assistance Program (SCHAP) provides financial assistance to homeowners who are living in physically deteriorated housing. The program, which has been in operation since 1986, provides no- and low-interest loans and extensive technical assistance to qualify homeowners. This support enables homeowners to retain their homes and improve their living conditions, thereby helping them avoid financial insolvency, displacement, and/or loss of independence. Since 1986, SCHAP has assisted over 2,000 homeowners (see map for locations - SCHAP Loans 1986-2015). Loans do not exceed $20,000

Senior-Help Deferred/Forgivable Loan Program New York


To be eligible, a senior must reside in any of the five boroughs in the City of New York, be at least 60 years old, and have been an owner-occupant of a one- to four-family home for at least two years. Also, be current with their mortgage loan and NOT have a reverse mortgage on their home. We have expanded this program to include non-senior homeowners but have limit funding.


Parodneck Amortizing Loan Fund (RLF)

This product includes low-interest (3%) repayment loans that can be used to cover the costs of home improvements. This loan is repaid monthly over a ten-year (120 months) period. Borrower pays an origination and loan-processing fee of 3% of the principal amount; they remain fully responsible for all applicable recording fees.

Parodneck 10-year Deferred Loan

This product includes interest-free loans, origination and loan-processing fee of 3% of the principal amount for home improvement. Upon the 10th year (120 months) loan anniversary the loan is to be repaid in full.

Affordable Housing Corporation (AHC)

Grant amount is leveraged with one of the above listed loans. For households with less than 112% of Area Median Income; terms vary based on loan amount (2, 5 or 10 years)